Manhattan Dollhouse

The Goelet Brownstone House

The Goelet Brownstone House

The Elder House

The Elder House

Hi,  Last night I went to the Museum of New York City, located on Fifth Ave and 104 Street.  There is a permanet  toy exhibit displaying old toys including antique dollhouses.  The toys and dollhouses were primarily from the 19th and 20th century.  The toys brought back a lot of memories for me, since I grew up in Manhattan.  Frankly, most toys were way before my time.  But there were a few I could relate to such as the “Slinky Toy” and  clamp-on roller skates, which needs a key for shoe attachment. 

Last night Sheila Clark presented her new book, the Stettheimer Dollhouse , published by Pomegranate Communications.  The dollhouse, which is on permanent display, will be discussed in a future blog.  

The museum houses a  dollhouse room dedicated to old beautiful dollhouses such as “The Goelet Brownstone House” 1845, “The Wachter House” 1890 and “The Elder House” 1865.   All the houses represented their time periods and appear to be donated by family members.   If you are in New York and love antique toys and dollhouses, I recommend visiting the Museum of New York.


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  1. Lauren Delaney Says:

    Fantastic blog! I wanted to leave a link to my own online miniature accessories store. I carry antique-inspired products, including miniature exotic butterfly collections, cabinets of curiosities, polar bear rugs, etc.


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