Adding extensions to Dollhouses

Many of our dollhouses can be enhanced or enlarged by adding a simple extension. It is a mistake to think that the additions must be done at the time of building the house. It can be done at a later date. Quite often we advise our customers to wait for another Holiday, Birthday or a just good report card to add onto the house. This thought can be applied to adding additional furniture to a house. The extension can be a 2 room side extension, a single room extension or a pretty conservatory. One can add two different extensions on either side. For example the Real Good Toys Vermont Jr. Farmhouse looks great with two different extensions. One side is a two room extension and the other side is the Jr. Conservatory. Remember to keep extra paint on hand or make a note of which color was used to paint the dollhouse exterior so that the extension is the same color. If you are adding an extension after the house is built, and if the house has wallpaper and electrification, then you should consider just adding the extension and not creating an interior door passage. This is done to avoid ruining the wallpaper and electrification. If wallpaper does not exist, then you can consider adding a doorway between the house and the extension.

Since 1976 Manhattan Dollhouse has offered beautiful dollhouses, dollhouse kits, miniatures and dollhouse furniture at discount prices. “Best Dollhouses, Manhattan Dollhouse”-Time Out N.Y. Kids Magazine.


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