Choose Different Wood Finishes for your Dollhouse

Another point to consider when purchasing a dollhouse is the wood finish. Many of our dollhouse kits have a Milled MDF finish. It is a cabinet grade fiberboard using medium density. The clapboard siding is milled into the wood and it’s 3/8″ thick. If you want your house to exhibit clapboard siding this is your best bet, since it eliminates the work of adding the additional siding. It is easy to use and easy to paint as it is blemish free.

There is also Milled Plywood (MP) which is 3/8″ thick and has the same features as the MDF finish. It includes the milled finish and is easy to paint.

You can also purchase dollhouse kits that are made of Smooth Plywood (SP). This does not include siding that is milled into the wood. The wood is smooth and you can be creative and design your own finish, such as sand paint, without clapboard siding.

Some dollhouse kits are made in a variety of finishes. The choice is yours depending on the style you want to create. A good example is The Montclair Dollhouse. It is available in both MP and SP.


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