Choosing a Dollhouse
Welcome to the world of dollhouses, let your fantasies become a reality. Anything, at least mostly anything, can be done in miniature and one can have plenty of fun and memorable times putting together a doll house.
Many customers have come to us looking for a dollhouse, but they do not know where to begin their search. The first thing we need to know is it for a toddler, or a child or an adult. Our wooden dollhouses are recommended for ages 3 and above. They are extremely durable and can last for generations. One should consider if this is a playhouse or a family heirloom. Based upon your needs you can then determine what kind of doll house you are interested in. Collector dollhouses may be decorated with fine pieces that could be destroyed if a child considers it a playhouse.
We also need to know if you want to build the house or buy a finished doll house. Nowadays, you have plenty of choices. You can choose a dollhouse kit, a prebuilt dollhouse, or a finished dollhouse. A dollhouse kit comes complete with instructions and wooden pieces which need to be put together and painted. The costs and time needed to put it together depends on the size and detail of the house. You will need glue, nails, and paint. Most of the kits include doors, windows, trim, shingles and siding.
Dollhouses made by Greenleaf (Arthur, Garfield, The Lily, and the Beacon Hill) are Die-Cut 1/8” plywood and are a bit more challenging and will take longer to build. The pieces need to be punched out, sanded, painted and glued together. These houses are quite beautiful when finished and perfect for an adult, but we do not recommend it for a smaller child. Houses made by Real Good Toys and The House That Jack Built, are stronger and can be enjoyed by both the child and the miniaturist. These kits include pre cut pieces that are much stronger and can withstand a child’s play.
If you do not want to build the dollhouses, then please consider our prebuilt Dollhouses, from The House That Jack Built. These houses are built but not painted and they are beautiful as well as sturdy. These houses need to be painted. You are the decorator and can choose any color combination. Some people choose colors to match a room or just their favorite combinations. The interior can be painted or wallpapered or both.
Our finished dollhouses, from Real Good Toys, are completely built including interior and exterior finishes. The exterior, including the trims, is painted and the interior walls are wallpapered. The floors are hard wood and mouldings are painted. The colors displayed are the preset colors. The choices include pink, blue and yellow.
Another selection to consider is the choice between rear opening and front opening dollhouses. Depending where you want to display the houses, makes the difference. A front opening house can be placed against a wall to save space and a rear opening house may need some more room. It can be placed on the floor or table, but there needs to be space in back of the house to see and play with the interior. Some customers choose to place it on a turntable so that all sides may be seen.
Perhaps the most individual choice is style of house. We feature wooden Victorian Dollhouses, Colonial Dollhouses, Farmhouses, Georgian houses, Mansions and many other styles. We love them all!
Another consideration is scale. Most doll houses are one inch scale. In the last few years, there has been a growing popularity in ½ inch scale and ¼ inch scale houses. We carry both one inch scale and one half inch scale dollhouses. Both can be purchased as a kit or a finished house. In my opinion a half inch scale dollhouse is suitable for a collector and not a child. It’s much smaller and the furnishings are more delicate.
Just remember that this is a project of fun and love, whether you are making this for a child or yourself. It is most fun looking at this as a family project, whether it’s building a dollhouse or decorating or decorating a dollhouse.

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  1. WOW! what a great ‘little’ world – I find it fascinating– and wouldlove to hear more. Miniature dollhouses have always been a fantasy, both as a little girl, and now as a big one– actually thinking of buying one. Would love to hear about what’s going on your world – thanks!

  2. It’s a beautiful, clean looking blog page, for sure! I’m glad while I was surfing that I ended up here.
    I’m proud of you.

    Now, I haven’t read the content since I’m off to play tennis (Finally! Thanks to you). But I will definitely do that and catch up on all this is doll-worthy news!

    Great job, my friend.

  3. Hey Barb,
    You know that “dorrie” is really me, Cathy.


  4. I love love love all the choices! We built a large Victorian for our mom 25 years ago and what a job it was…the near-built to completely finished houses in so many styles is perfect. I love this blog, thanks! Lou

  5. What an informative blog. There are so beautiful dollhouses to choose.Having a doolhouse in a home adds so much “joie de vive”. Every home should have at leasr one to add to the decor.

    Arlene R

  6. I like your site, and invite you to join mine. I just started mine.

    Thank you,
    Susan Ghearing

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